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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I'm not a huge fan of potty training.  When Princess Sparkley was a little girl, it was somewhat simple.  She was a girl, there wasn't a whole lot of fuss.  She earned stickers on a little chart and when that chart was filled, she earned a small toy (about a billion My Little Ponies).  With Buddy, it was a different story.  For one, he was a boy.  Add to that delayed speech (which is oddly connected to late potty training) and I was just telling myself that he wouldn't leave for college wearing a diaper.  And now number three.  I thought Little Guy was going to be hard like Buddy was.  But then he had some success around 2 1/2 years old even going #2 which was always the hold up with my other kids.  And then he totally lost interest.  With his upcoming 3rd birthday (and the fact that he keeps telling the nursery leaders at church that he needs to go potty so they'll bring him to us, even though he isn't potty trained, doesn't need to go, and is using it as an excuse to get out of there and never go back) I got him this book from Borders (please don't go out of business Borders, I love you!) for Christmas.

Pirate Potty (there's also Princess Potty)
It comes with a pirate hat and pirate themed stickers to put on the hat.  The hat is only to be worn ON the potty.  That was a big selling feature for Little Guy because he wants to wear the hat... so he'll sit on the potty.  We just got around reading it to him Saturday night and he's already had some successes on the potty and earned a few stickers.  Yea Little Guy.


wendys said...

That's a fun idea. I really hope Borders doesn't go under!!

I did the quick and messy potting training method with both kids, straight to underwear for days and nights, no pullups and no reverting back to diapers. It was a long 3 days for both and then it was done. They were both 2 1/2.

Erik said...

Thats awesome... I think we need a potty pirate book for Charlie

Kristi said...

Why didn't I dream this up?

He's very cute.

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