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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Greatest Sugar Cookie: Cookie 5

 I've been slacking on my search for the greatest sugar cookie ever.  Here's cookie #5:

(the picture is mine... her pictures are WAY better)

I've had this recipe lined up to try since before Thanksgiving.  But I had to get through all my apple desserts, and squeeze in all those pumpkin desserts first.  I made these a few days before Christmas.  They were delicious.  Although, you can tell from the picture that mine got a little crisp around the edges.  The recipe has you bake them at 400 degrees for 7-8 minutes... I would check them sooner than that.  The only other adjustment I made to the recipe was using more vanilla and no almond extract.  I'm not a fan of almond extract and even though I planned on using it... I couldn't find it in my cupboard and it wasn't worth pulling everything off the top shelf to find one little bottle.  The frosting was divine tasting, disastrous for me though because I was doing like 80 things while preparing the frosting so I read the directions wrong (pay attention), and then just as I'd solved that fiasco, I realized midway through I'd stopped halving the recipe.  So it tasted good, but was a runny goop that we ended up just dipping our cookies in.  Hence the no pictures of actual frosted cookies.

Thoughts on this cookie:  This cookie was soft (once I started checking on them and pulling them out of the oven before they got crisp edges) and thick with just the right amount of crumbliness as you took a bite.  The frosting (had I not made disastrous mistakes) may make this cookie.  It was yummy, even runny and weird.  And the cookie was delicious even with a strange frosting dip.


Erin said...

Those look great. Did you see on Mandy's blog that she posted her favorite sugar cookie? I think the frosting on that one sounds really yummy and agree that it would be better without the almond extract.

Miss L said...

I'm glad you made these! I have had this recipe printed out since Thanksgiving to try, and hadn't gotten around to it. Good tip on checking them early! :)

LisAway said...

Hey, thanks for the recommend. I made these for V day and I think the cookie is perfect. (just made regular buttercream) I'll definitely make these again.

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