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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Golden Birthdays

I had this brilliant idea awhile ago.  Next year, in 2012, Princess Sparkley has her Golden Birthday.  She'll turn 10 on August 10.  This is not only her first double digit birthday, but her golden birthday, so it should be celebrated accordingly.  I decided that for her golden birthday, we should surprise her with a pet.  The kind of pet is up to Jed and my discretion, her preferences, and our home situation at the time.  Right now, she'd prefer a hamster.  We'd prefer a guinea pig (if we had to pick).  Higher up on her list are cat and dog, but we'll have to see how things are in 18 months. 


Angela said...

Molly's golden birthday is going to also be her sweet sixteen. Its going to be a doozie! I had a guinea pig growing up and I loved him. He did smell though.

VAWritingQT said...

I can not believe she will be 10!! I just remember making her quilt... has it really been that long ago??

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