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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cookie and Cupcake Decorating

Princess Sparkley has wanted to learn to decorate cakes and cupcakes for awhile now.  Unfortunately, this is not an area where I excel.  I make a lot of yummy desserts, beautifully decorated (let alone frosted) is not on my list of skills.  For Christmas she got Hello, Cupcake! from Santa and this cookie and cupcake decorating set from my parents.

I haven't used a frosting tip and a bag since I was a teenager and I decorated a tiny cake at a church activity, so I'm not an expert here, but I liked the bottles rather than bags.  Especially for kids.  The tip kept popping off the one accordion like bottle, but only when Princess Sparkley was using it and I think it's because she'd forget to squeeze the accordion in... she'd just squeeze like it was the normal bottle, or a tube of toothpaste.  So, that aside, I think we did pretty well for lesson 1.

 The other night we started frosting bear shaped sugar cookies just to get the hang of the frosting tubes and tips.  I won't tell you which are mine and which are hers since it's a bit embarrassing that are skill level is about even. 


Brooke said...

Could you folow my blog Brooke's blog insted of choirgirl? the link is brookehelps.blogspot.com thanks

Malissa said...

Sounds like fun! Brooklynn really loved having a rabbit.

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