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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Book Report: Twenty Boy Summer

     Frankie, Anna and Matt are childhood best friends.  They are next door neighbors.  Frankie and Matt are brother and sister.  After a cake fight at Anna's birthday party, Anna's dream comes true and Matt kisses her.  They keep their romance a secret, not wanting to hurt or exclude Frankie.  Matt promises he'll break it to Frankie easily when their family is away for a few weeks at the beach, but just before they leave, Matt dies.  Anna is forced to continue keeping the promise she made him, that she wouldn't tell Frankie, her best friend.  Now a year has passed and although their friendship is strained by the tragedy, Anna has kept her promise, and they are still close.  Anna has been invited to come to the beach with Frankie and her parents.  Along with this, Frankie challenges Anna to meet 20 boys while at the beach and to lose her "albatross" (aka virginity). 
     I loved this book.  That being said, I still had some issues with it.  [Spoiler Alert!]  Mainly that Anna "healed" her grief my losing her virginity to a strange boy, a summer fling.  And I was shocked when she isn't furious with Frankie for basically tricking her into losing her virginity.  Argh. 
     I believe there was some bad language, but nothing horrible.  There was teenage drinking and (safe) sex. 

(I was about to review it for RatedReads.com but there's already a review up from someone else.)

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Alanna said...

This sounds WAY too much like The Last Summer (of You and Me) by Ann Brashares-- a book that might have been okay except I was expecting so much more from her, having loved the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series. And it was supposed to be for grown-ups, which I had thought would mean deeper issues and more mature writing, but turned out just to mean more sex. Lame.

I'm glad this book was better, at least!

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