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Sunday, December 12, 2010


I'm done with almost all of my Christmas shopping and a lot of it I've managed to do with the kids in tow.  Jed's been able to stay home and study/write papers and this allows me to leave one kid at home.  Little Guy always comes with me because he requires to much care and attention for Jed to get anything done.  And I can't leave BOTH big kids, they'd just fight and require Jed's attention to be distracted from studying.  So I leave one big kid home playing Webkinz, watching a movie, reading or playing in their room and I take the other big kid and Little Guy with me.  Some stuff I buy on the sly hoping no one notices.  Sometimes the siblings see what I'm buying for the sibling stuck at home.  The Santa thing isn't a problem because the kids all know the truth about Santa and that we just pretend. 

The other day I had Princess Sparkley and Little Guy out with me.  On this particular trip, PS was concerned that Little Guy was going to leak the secret present we bought for Buddy.  I assured her that Little Guy had been on a lot of trips with me (hoping she wouldn't come up with the idea to quiz him later) and hadn't given away any secrets yet.  But I reminded Little Guy that what we got was a Christmas present for Buddy so we couldn't talk about it when we got home.

Five minutes later, we knock on the front door and luckily Jed, not Buddy answers.  The first thing Little Guy says is "we buy a HAMSTER!"  It wasn't a real hamster, it was an Amazing Hamster from Webkinz.  But still... there went my secret keeper.  Hopefully he doesn't spill any more secrets before Christmas arrives.


Alanna said...

My sisters still make fun of the time that I gave the following hint to my sister about my present to her: "You put it in your ears." Nope, not Q-tips or headphones, yes the most obvious thing ever-- earrings! I learned from that to not give hints at all. I'm just not good at hints!

I hope Little Guy doesn't give away any more secrets!

wendys said...

It's hard to keep secrets when you are little. I bought a few presents while the kids were with me, just snuck them into the cart and if they noticed it I said they were for a cousin.

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