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Monday, December 20, 2010

More Annoying Book Covers

When I wrote this post last month, I knew there were more book covers that annoyed me, but I couldn't think of them.  I remembered two more:
from here

from here

I reviewed these books here and in a final comment, mentioned how I don't understand why the books are about FOUR best friends, but both covers depict THREE best friends.  I'm pretty sure the cover designer didn't read the books.  OR, if they were going with what my mom taught me about arranging flowers (or something) years ago and you are supposed to use odd numbers or something ... I don't think it's the same when depicting the main characters of the book and failing to show only one of them.

And the foreign language editions got it right. 

In what I assume is German, four pairs of legs:

from here

And French, four different feet:

from here

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