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Monday, December 06, 2010

Grocery Store Baggers

Why don't grocery stores train their clerks on how to pack a grocery bag anymore?  I use reusable bags most of the time and I understand that this is against the norm for how an employee might be trained, but they should have some training.  Usually I get some lady who is barely putting anything in my bag for fear it will be too heavy.  Today I got a guy (wearing a new member tag, so I'll try to be nice) who packed the following into ONE bag:
  • a 5 lb. bag of potatoes
  • a 5 lb. bag of sugar
  • 2 5 lb. bags of flour
  • a giant can of stewed tomatoes
  • the giant tub of sour cream
  • the giant tub of cottage cheese
  • plus some other random stuff like a bunch of bananas

So I weighed the bag when I got home:  33 pounds!  That's heavier than my youngest child!

While I'm on the subject, I should also mention that while I'm all for helping the environment, the two biggest factors in me using reusable grocery bags are:
  • not having the under the sink cupboard overflowing with plastic bags from grocery stores
  • not having stores (especially Walmart!) pack approximately one item into each plastic bag so I bring home 20 items and 15 plastic bags.  It's like the store didn't train them, so they figure one item per bag is pretty safe.


The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

When I was a grocery store bagger, we had to watch an instructional video and pass a short test. (You'll remember that job as the one where you came in the store and ignored me.)

wendys said...

I use tote bags too. I hate it when I forget them and have to get the dumb plastic bags. Half the time the checkers double bag them so I am stuck with twice as many bags under my sink! Arg.

Cristin said...

Whoa. The only place I know that packs like that is Trader Joe's. I could have a whole cart and they would somehow manage to fit it into 2 bags.

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