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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fabric Gift Bags

My mom sent me this link and I'm sold.  I already have a bunch of Christmas fabric leftover from random projects.*  If only all of my Christmas wrapping wasn't already done.  But I know what I'm doing next year (*remind me*).

*I'm a poor judge of how much fabric I'll need for any given project since I'm usually making said project up in my head.  So I overbuy.  Now I have a use for it.

1 comment:

wendys said...

That's cute. Here are my favorite craft sites lately...

www.luckypennycreations.blogspot.com - not updated too much but some of the creators are relatives and can be so creative.

www.dana-made-it.com has some amazing tutorials. Have you seen it? I recently stumbled across it.

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