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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Christmas Wish List

a new laundry basket
1/8 cup - cup measure
Bones - Season 5
digital camera (dream)
clothes – long sleeved shirts, nice sweaters/cardigans, dark jeans
Brown belt (Jed makes fun of my current one that he made me buy)
shoes – cool, stylish, comfortable brown shoes
Virginia souvenir spoon
griddle pan (electric or two burner)
blurb.com gift certificate (or money) ($50+)
salad shooter
Weezer cd Deluxe Pinkerton
Weezer cd Death to False Metal
portable calendar/planner
wall calendar
Corn Zipper 
a watch


Alanna said...

I need a new laundry basket, too.

What is the point of a salad shooter? I have never understood that one... (Apparently I don't make enough salads!)

EmmaJ said...

1/8 cup is just 2 TBS... there's my present to you.

wendys said...

We bought the Death to False Metal Cd. I am still trying to figure it out. The kids love the I am a Robot song

LisAway said...

Ha! I was also going to say about the two tablespoons. I rarely even use my 1/4 cup measure, especially if I've already dirtied my tablespoon in the same recipe. Easier to do 4 of those than dig out another measuring cup. :)

I love how practical all your things are.

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