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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Week

Today is the start of our Christmas week holiday traditions.  Here's how the week looks:

Christmas Eve Eve:
  • We open ornaments.  This year only the kids are getting new ornaments because it's getting a bit out of control how many ornaments we own and how small our tree is.
  • This year might include a train display at the National Botanical Garden and visiting the National Tree.
Christmas Eve:
  • Dinner at a Chinese restaurant (yummy crab rangoon)!
  • We read excerpts of the Christmas story from the Bible and talk about Christ's birth.
  • Open pajama Christmas presents.
  • Open family Christmas presents.  
  • Leave out a plate of cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.
    Christmas Morning:
    • The kids wake up and drink a glass of orange juice on the top stair.
    • Santa presents.
    • Stockings.
    • Brunch: Aebliskivers, scrambled eggs, bacon, more orange juice.
    Christmas Afternoon:
    • Play with presents.
    • Clean up some.
    • Talk to family on the phone/webcam.
    • Maybe get dressed (maybe stay in pajamas all day)
    • Me... baking. 
    • A nap (that would be wonderful).
    Christmas Evening:
    • Dinner: Ham, cheesey potato casserole, rolls, and a veggie.
    • Dessert: a pie of some sort.
    December 26:
    • Jed hopes for a late Christmas present to arrive in the mail (except this year it's a Sunday) or to be found hidden away somewhere and forgotten.  This way he gets to open presents for a week.
    December 27:
    • Jed's birthday.  More present opening.  Maybe a pecan pie or a peanut butter brownie.
    December 28:
    • Again with Jed hoping for a belated birthday present so he can have a present opening spree from Dec. 23-28. 


    Andrea said...

    Orange juice on the top stair? You need to elaborate more.

    Christmas day sounds perfect and relaxing. Have a great day!!

    Nance said...

    I sort of explained the orange juice a couple of years ago here: http://writingfishbowl.blogspot.com/2007/12/christmas-traditions.html.

    * Before coming downstairs Christmas morning, the kids have to drink a glass of orange juice. (Jed's family tradition)

    * The kids do not however have to brush their teeth before drinking the aforementioned orange juice. (New revision after Jed's childhood was spent thinking orange juice was gross.)

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