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Wednesday, November 03, 2010


We currently live in a row of about eight townhomes. Over the weekend, our neighbors on both sides packed up trucks and moved out. The neighbors to our left are a nice, quiet family of responsible people. We'll be sad to see them go, not because we've gotten to know them well, but because they were good neighbors and there's always the possibility that they'll be replaced by bad neighbors. The neighbors to our right, were robbed a few months back by an acquaintance who had at one point been in their house and came back later to rob them. The husband is home all day and sits on his front (or back) step, smoking. That about sums them up. We will only be sad to see them go because the new neighbors could end up being much much worse.

In Kansas we lived in the same town home (connected to two other townhomes) for almost four years. In that four years, we had seven different sets of neighbors.

Some background: The way the townhomes were set-up was that the two end townhomes were two stories and the middle townhome was one story. So our upstairs neighbors actually lived two doors down.

More background: Jed and I are not friendly outgoing people, so, sadly, we haven't known any of our neighbors very well.

Neighbors #1: Downstairs. Nice couple except they let their dog poop ALL OVER the lawn in front of both of our houses within feet of our front door sometimes. And they were always in competition with us for our parking spot.

Neighbors #2: Upstairs. White trash couple with a nine or so year old son/stepson. They were nice enough, deathly quiet, but flooded our house twice! Flooded it upstairs and downstairs. And for them to have flooded our downstairs even a tiny bit, meant that they had completely flooded the townhome in-between us as well.

Neighbors #3: Downstairs. Two college girls moved in with a dog and a goose. They took their dog way out of the way to do its business, and the brief period of time when they had a goose was very amusing to us and our kids. We liked to put our ear up to the wall to try to hear it honk. They also tried to steal my parking spot all the time but once Jed talked to them about how it was winter and icy and I was 8 months pregnant with two little kids, they totally understood and felt bad and never tried to steal it again. They also accepted a giant shipment of K12 homeschool curriculum that came in a handful of giant boxes for us once while we were out of town.

Neighbors #4: Upstairs. Young couple with two little boys. They were nice and about as friendly as we are (which isn't saying much) but they would get in these super loud arguments in their bedroom (sharing a wall with ours). Let's just say there was a lot of drama and accusations in their marriage.

Neighbors #5: Upstairs. A townhome full of college boys. Basically our worst nightmare (other than thugs and criminals). It seemed like only one of them was actually a student (or possibly he was the only one who cared about classes). The rest of them got drunk and made lots of noise at all hours, ignored our banging on the walls so Jed would actually have to get out of bed and go bang on their door (which they also mostly ignored). One of them did offer to help me when my car batter died on my due date on a freezing day in January, but the tow truck guy was already on the way. We weren't sorry to see them go.

Neighbor #6: Downstairs. A crazy old lady who immediately went to work putting black out blinds on all her windows. Jed and I figured she was a nice old lady and were more friendly to her, going out of our way to say hi to her. She completely ignored us. Once, on April Fool's Day she knocked on our door late at night with a plate full of weird food and wanted to see someone who didn't live there. She then got flustered and angry and left. That freaked me out a bit.

Neighbor #7: Upstairs. A single, pregnant girl. She was quiet and nice and friendly.


Cristin said...

Dang, I wish we would have known this BEFORE we came and visited you. That old lady with the April Fool's food sounds fun.

EmmaJ said...

This just makes me laugh because except for when we have lived by coworkers we have never known any of our neighbors until now. I could even give general descriptions, except at one apartment we could hear the guy (I hope) above us snoring at night.

wendys said...

I am just about done with apartment life and fighting for parking. It stinks.

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