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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


A homeschooling friend had a cultural gathering last week and we were supposed to bring a food from a country our ancestors came from along with some information about that country.  Another homeschool friend has little girls with lots of allergies so I went through my list of possible foods* (that kids would eat) and narrowed it down to something her girls could enjoy as well.  So, I decided on Kolaches which are sweet roll with a jelly top/filling.  I substituted water for the milk and we were good to go. 

I've only made Kolaches one other time and I made two varieties - the one linked to above, and this Ice Cream Kolache.  I made them when I was in charge of book club in Kansas and we were reading Willa Cather's My Antonia, which is about a Bohemian girl.  They are part of our family's heritage because Jed's paternal grandmother was the first child in her family born in the United States after her family immigrated from Bohemia (now the Czech Republic). 

When Jed's mom makes them, she makes her husband's favorite kind, Poppy Seed Kolaches.  Which are gross.  At least Jed and I feel this way.  I think the rest of the family does as well, but we're sort of the black sheep so maybe they all think it's fabulous and we're the weirdos.  I made mine with raspberry pie filling instead of the cherry pie filling the recipe calls for because I'm not a fan of cherries.  Jed devoured several of these before we left for the cultural gathering, wondering why I make these for all sorts of other people (first book club, now homeschoolers) but not him and he's the guy with Bohemian blood in him.  So I guess I'll be making these more often in the future. 

All of this needless background so I can show you the two ways this batch turned out. 

Perfect Batch

Crazy Batch
*Ableskivers (don't taste as good transported and cooled)
Baklava (hard work and has nuts, which is one of the allergies the girls have)
Scones (don't taste good cooled, and aren't authentic English scones)

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