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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Internet Free

Internet Free is different from Free Internet. Free Internet is great. Internet Free means I've been without the internet for important things like: 1) paying bills, 2) planning parts of our homeschool lessons, 3) checking email to see if soccer practice is canceled or not. It also means I haven't been able to do the not as important things like: 1) check my email 50 times today, 2) check Facebook, 3) blog, 4) find out if it is bad to take multivitamins that “expired” in 2007*, 5) check the weather, 6) Christmas shop, 7) read blogs, 8) chat with my mom on Skype, 9) find out whether or not you can put a California King bed up on risers*, 10) etc.

*Is it?  Or better yet, is it still helpful?
**Can you?

1 comment:

Cristin said...

I don't know how I would live without the internet. I use it for everything. I'd probably have to take up knitting, buy a bunch of encyclopedias, add more minutes to my cell phone plan and get cable if we got rid of it.

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