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Monday, November 15, 2010

Creating a Badge

image scanned in from Clarice Bean, Don't Look Now by Lauren Child p. 19

Princess Sparkley loves the Clarice Bean books by Lauren Child (author of the Charlie and Lola series).  Within the Clarice Bean books is another book series about a girl detective named Ruby Redfort.  Supposedly, Lauren Child will be writing this series as well but we can't find any news about it past March 2009 and at that time, it was supposed to come out in the Fall of 2010.  Anyway, there's some sort of badge, called a Ruby Redfort Secret Fly Badge.  Princess Sparkley wants one of these for Christmas.  The problem is that since this book series doesn't exist yet (although, if it ever does, Lauren Child's marketing department should jump all over the Secret Fly Badge idea) neither does the badge.  So I'm going to create one.  Here's where you come in, READERS.  I need help!  How do you think I can best create one.  If the picture was in color, I'd print it on iron-on paper, iron it on to fabric with felt backing and sew around the edges.  But it's not in color. 

Should I...

1) Trace/free hand create the badge, print it on iron-on paper, iron it on to fabric, sew around it with felt backing?

2) Try to cut out the little fly bits on with fusible webbing and create a little fabric one.  Paint over it with Modge Podge?  (It's never going to get washed).

3) Find a way to create a button version? Like the "Say No to Drugs" ones we got in high school.

4) Find a friend who is good at embroidery and ask her to create one?  Is that even possible?

or 5) Your brilliant ideas which I'm sure are much more clever than my own?



Lund said...

Tirsa Hamilton makes badges. She made some for Bryce's 50th Wedding Anniversay and Alana was thinking of having her make some for something else. She is on facebook.

EmmaJ said...

I use Cafe Press a lot to make custom stuff- and you can make buttons there. You could even use the picture you put on the blog so it looks like a badge. Here's the link.

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