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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Tree Skirt

I'm thinking I should make a Christmas tree skirt.  The first year Jed and I were married we went to a Christmas tree farm and bought a real Christmas tree.  We still have the stand, I've lugged it on all of our moves and stored it away hoping for the day to come when we have a real tree again.  The next year we were living at my parents' but wanted our own little tree as well so we bought a little decorative tree that was only about 3 feet high and meant to be an accent, not a Christmas tree, and decorated it with our family's ornaments.  Somehow it ended up being our tree for the next several years.  Last year I finally broke down and spent the least amount of money possible for a fake tree at Walmart that was a decent height.  But because our tiny tree was so little, I just wrapped a fancy Christmas place mat around it's base.  I'm not sure what we did last year with our "bigger" tree, but this year I'm thinking I should sew a skirt.  I'm thinking something like this

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RightHahn said...

Very cute! I always think about making one as well ... but something about not be "settled" makes doing so seem strange. Definitely post pictures if you make one! I'd love to see it - and dream about being settled enough to make one too:)

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