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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas Shopping

Here's the problem with doing your Christmas shopping early...
  •   the kids have to keep secrets from each other longer 
    • Buddy has already bought Princess Sparkley's present.  We had a long talk about how it isn't lying to not mention the fact that he's already gotten her present for her.  If she finds out he has already purchased it, she'll demand clues, and the kids' give super obvious clues.  For instance, when we play 20 questions, instead of yes or no, the kids will say, "yes, but only [Buddy] owns it."  Then they get upset when we make a guess after only five questions. 
  • I always worry when I buy things too far in advance about returning it if they don't like it or it doesn't fit right.  Some returns have to be made within 30 days or so.  
    • Which is why I showed Jed all his new clothes tonight to make sure he liked them.   
  •  The kids keep adding to their lists.  
    • And then they (ie: Buddy) wander through the toy section at Kohl's muttering that Mom is mean because she won't let him add another fifty items to his Christmas list.
  •  Part of me wants to hold out on any and all purchases until after Christmas so it is after we have opened all the grandparent gifts and I can just fill in what hasn't been purchased yet that the kids still want.  
    • This is when Little Guy's January birthday, and Jed's two days after Christmas birthday will come in handy.
  • I texted Jed earlier that I took advantage of season five of Bones being on sale and bought it for him to give me for Christmas.  
    • So he came home from school tonight and asked if I wanted to open my Christmas present early and watch an episode.  I said no, but only because it was already late.  We watched all of season 4 of Bones (that was a birthday present) before my actual birthday happened. 
  • I'm worried that stuff I've bought at a "great deal" will end up going on an even better sale before Christmas gets here.
    • Luckily no one is getting another Zhu Zhu pet hamster because they were $9 and now they are closer to $7 and I heard that low prices on electronic hamsters is how Walmart or Target are going to bring customers in this holiday season... or something crazy like that.  Although I did barely skim the article, so there may have been more to it that I'm missing.
  • I already gave Jed the Kindle I bought him for Christmas because he needed it for school and it was too expensive of a "just because" purchase.  So it became an early Christmas present.  

  • More to come...


Alanna said...

Now I feel so smart because I always put it off until the last minute! Or I just make Craig do it. I think this year, that's the plan, actually... Dang, I'm lazy!

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

I agreed with you until you got to your last reason. Then you just went off the rails.

Malissa said...

We did most of our Christmas shopping online a few weeks ago when we were sick. I have to agree that the kids keep adding to their want list. I'm sure we'll break down and buy a few more of those requests before Christmas is actually here!

EmmaJ said...

Your brave to let the grandparents just send presents. I tell my parents what they are getting the kids and then have them put money in my account so I can go and buy it from them. Type A?

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