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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Big Boy Bed

In his new "big boy bunk bed" with his new doggy, Chocolate.  Don't worry, his doggy Bubble is in the background.

Little Guy graduated from his crib this week.  Mainly because since August when my parents visited, Princess Sparkley has had two twin beds in her room (the top to a bunk bed, and her new daybed).  We decided we needed to buck up and deal with Little Guy being out of a crib and get things cleaned up and organized.  So we did.  Last night was his first night in his big boy bed where binkies are not allowed.  He did great (aside from not falling asleep until 10PM, 3 hours past his bedtime).

     I just bought him new sports sheets to match the top bunk's sports theme for $8.99 and hopefully he'll forget seeing them at the cart and they'll surprise him Christmas morning.  Now I just need a sports quilt or comforter and his bed will be set.


delilas said...

Good job Little Guy in the new big bed and no binky. That is a big step for mom and dad too. Been there done and I think that, I was more dependent on the binky than the child.

EmmaJ said...

Yay! I love the new little doggie.

Lund said...

New doggy looks like Fenway when he was little.

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