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Friday, November 19, 2010


I've decided that from now on, instead of telling people that I don't like a certain food, I'll tell them I'm allergic to it.  That way I don't get attitude for my food preferences and maybe people will be nice about it.  I should have figured this out as a kid (although back then, food allergies weren't as prevalent as they are now) when I was a much picker eater than I am now. 

Here are the things I've developed an allergy to:
      green peppers


LisAway said...

I thought about writing a post about foods I don't love. Now I may be switching it to an allergy post.

Why are red and yellow peppers okay and sometimes quite good but green ones are so NOT?

Alanna said...

Awesome. Put me down as being totally allergic to seafood and most fruit. This will make my life WAY easier!

(What do I do about Craig, who is kind of allergic to foods he actually really likes, like peanut butter and ice cream? Of course, he keeps eating them anyway, so I guess the solution is don't do anything about it. It's his problem!)

wendys said...

I am "allergic" to beans, beef, pork and cream of mushroom soup.

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