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Monday, October 04, 2010


It's 7:31 on a Monday night and my kids have not eaten dinner yet, and my youngest (whose bedtime is 7) is still awake.  This is what happens when Girl Scouts is followed immediately by soccer practice.  And when I don't realize that tonight's dinner recipe, which I thought would be quick, actually requires 25 minutes of baking.  Argh.

Why is it that my two favorite seasons (autumn and spring) seem to be the shortest?  I would LOVE a LONG fall.  But it seems like fall has barely started, and I almost froze at soccer practice tonight.  Little Guy and I ended up wrapped in the picnic blanket we brought to sit on.


Alanna said...

My in-laws were trying to convince me that fall was so great. I told them that if it lasted longer than two days, maybe I could appreciate it more. I maintain that I'm right-- today felt like winter to me.

wendys said...

I love fall. We are still having heat waves... I am waiting for rain so I can wear long sleeve shirts again.

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