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Monday, October 04, 2010

Menu starting 10/5

Sorry... I should start making a menu for my week out earlier, but really, I tend to  plan through Monday so I don't have to grocery shop again until Tuesday.  So, here goes.

Tuesday: Potato Chive Soup (Thanks Alanna for reminding me that there is something good about cold weather... soup season). 

Wednesday: Yogurt Ritz Chicken (Not sure what it's really called, my mom share this recipe with me and I'm linking to the most similar recipe I found online.  It says "seasoning salt," my recipe calls specifically for Lawry's seasoning salt.)

Thursday: Curry Apple Chicken

Friday: Chicken and Pasta Farfalle

Saturday: Baked Potatoes (I butter them up, sprinkle with Lawry's salt and pepper and bake them.  Then our favorite toppings.)

Sunday: Clam Chowder

Monday: Chili with corn dumplings


The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

Posts like this help me plan which nights to be home. (Mostly joking.)

My word verification is an anagram of "booger."

Nance said...

Jed - Except when I trick you. For instance, tonight we are actually have clam chowder (which I've told the kids is Mermaid's Favorite Soup) because I bought sour dough bread at the store today, not realizing that clam chowder was several days down the menu. So if you were trying to avoid potato soup... sorry.

Word verification: mintler

Alanna said...

Hey, Nancy! So I made the chicken farfalle from this menu back when you posted it and LOVED it, and then found out I wasn't supposed to have carbs. But now that I'm back on the carb train, Craig is requesting this again. I can hardly wait! Did you like that potato soup? (I realized that I actually changed it a bit-- I mashed up the potatoes, since I don't like potato chunks and added a ton of velveeta... It's really good that way, especially if you get bread bowls from Panera!)

And since the comments for this post seem to require it: word verification this time was "gedficst." I think you should name your next kid that!

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