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Friday, October 08, 2010

Looking forward to tomorrow because it's not today

So far today I've cleaned three bedrooms, none of them mine, and we live in a three bedroom townhome.  This means I've cleaned the same bedroom twice.

One of my kids was using my favorite laundry basket as a stage and broke it.

Another kid spilled half a container of yogurt on the carpet in the living room.

One of my children cried about everything from about 1PM until 5PM.  Except for the brief period of time when he fell asleep, then waking up still grumpy.

I'm pretty sure that there are days where my kids only have whiny voices.  I can't decide whether or not whiny is better than screamy.

Both older kids told me today that they were bad at math.

Little Guy is on his  3rd, maybe 4th video.  It being the only time during the day that he wasn't being grumpy.


Rae said...

I'm looking forward to tomorrow too! My day sounds similar to yours. Actually this has been a crazy week! I'm thinking I might run away for a couple of hours to the mall and Michael's!!! :)

Alanna said...

Nothing makes me happier than hearing that my children aren't the only ones who have days where they only seem capable of whining. Not that I wish such days on my friends, but it's nice to know that I'm in good company.

At least you get to escape them for a few hours tomorrow morning! See you there!

EmmaJ said...

I spilt half a container of yogurt today too! One of the big ones.

LisAway said...

Ugh. Eat some of those pumpkin cookies. And send some to me, too. Lately I feel like most of my days are like this. If it was just either the whining or the mess/spills/breakage I could handle it, but when you've been listening to whining for hours and somebody drops yogurt/breaks your laundry basket? Those are the times I, um, need to get away.

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