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Monday, October 11, 2010

Laundry Basket Fund

I need to start a fund for laundry baskets.  Mine are all casualties to my kids playing schemes.  I've lost them to snow sledding accidents, podiums and stages, horses, boats, etc.  What do your kids use your laundry baskets for?  Or are they angels that leave them alone and let them hold laundry?


wendys said...

They really don't touch the baskets. Usually because they are full of dirty clothes or our recycling. Lucky me I guess!

Malissa said...

Mine throw out the dirty laundry and use them as cages for eachother, our pushing siblings around pretending they are bumper cars, roller coasters, trains, etc. I'm glad it's not just me that can't keep the kids from playing with them!

Cristin said...

Our low baskets are loaded with toys. The tall baskets... they sit in and break.

hannah said...

Haha! Adam's favorite hiding place was in a old hamper which we put dress up hats in. He would take out all the hats, climb in, and then peek his eyes out. Impossible to find him (not!) Other than that, the kids also love pushing empty baskets down the stairs (so now most have broken handles). I need a laundry chute straight to the washing machine!

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