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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Of my three kids, only one of them has ever been to the hospital for anything besides being born.  Little Guy.

At three weeks for his heart (and the subsequent check-ups for that, which in Kansas were at a hospital, BUT, by appointment).

At 17 months while vacationing in the mountains in Utah we took him to the ER for a breathing treatment because it sounded like he was having a hard time getting air.

And today, at 2 years and almost 9 months to the ER for a gash in his cheek.  It was probably just longer than a 1/4 inch, but on his cheek so I didn't want to risk ignoring it and ending up with a nasty scar.  The ER ended up gluing it rather than stitching it.  If it was closer to his lip, we could have matching scars from our toddlerhoods when our older siblings chased us around pointy cornered tables.  Although Buddy wasn't chasing him, they were racing each other.  The eyelid above the scar has a black eye... that's a different injury, a fall down the slide last week. 


Andrea said...

I love that they use glue a lot more now. I hope he heals quickly!!

EmmaJ said...

More little guy!

wendys said...

Poor kid! I'm sure he is up running around the table already.

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