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Saturday, October 30, 2010


I'm one of those people that has to have a blanket when I sleep, even when it's 110 outside.  Except, when it's 110 outside, I can't handle a blanket.  It's too hot.  So I sleep with just a sheet.  Or nothing.  And I sleep horribly because it just isn't comfortable.  I didn't realize how uncomfortable I was all summer until we put our blanket and down comforter back on the bed a couple weeks ago.  My bed is so squishy and comfortable and soft and warm (in a good way) now.  I don't ever want to get out.  Not that I didn't want to stay in bed during the summer and sleep the day away, but now it's just so wonderful.  And I'm sleeping so much better being able to burrow in and have all the blankets tucked in around me.  I love you bed with all your blankets.


Rae said...

Me too! I am the same way!! I love to be snuggled in and cozy. It is really hard getting up in the morning now!!!!

Alanna said...

I'm the same way until Craig inevitably yanks the blanket off me, leaving me shivering and angry. And then I think about how much I preferred summer where I didn't care if the sheet got pulled off me!

Kristi said...

Me too! Plus it's dark. Somehow that makes it extra cozy.

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