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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Candy Corn Crafts

Princess Sparkley is a huge fan of candy corn.  She claims it as her favorite candy, and dressed as it for Halloween a couple years ago. 

This was back in her posing days (2007, age 5).  She told me yesterday she doesn't pose for pictures anymore.

Today we came across this candy corn pennant/bunting.  So cute!  I've had my eye on making one of these for awhile now, but I'm not sure if I should rush out to my local fabric store and boy some white, orange and yellow fabric, or if I should put all of that effort into making a less specific bunting.  Maybe bright colors and we can use it for birthdays all year.  But I do need more autumn decorations (unless Jed is reading this, and then of course I don't.)

Check out:
Candy corn cupcakes here.
Candy corn treat bags here.
Candy corn decoration here.
Candy corn cookies here.
Candy corn cookies also here.
Candy corn pillow here.


EmmaJ said...

pennants are really quick and easy to make. I did a halloween one for a friend in a day- need to make one for myself now too. I bet you could do it during Priesthood session.

Andrea said...

I think that exceeds my sewing capabilities, but it looks cute. I think YOU should try it.

Did you get your Family Fun magazine yet? Some awesome costume ideas!!

Lia said...

It does not exceed Andrea's sewing capabilities. Why don't you do it in the candy corn colors for fall. I think Dark Brown on the bottom and Orange in the middle and yellow on top. Then you can use it for November too.

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