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Sunday, October 17, 2010


I took the kids apple picking last Friday with some friends.  When we lived in Kansas we went apple picking, blueberry picking and asparagus picking, and for the most part, I did all the picking.  I didn't expect my kids to get into as much as they did.  As a result, I showed up at the cash register with way more apples than I had anticipated.  Almost 30 pounds!!  Unfortunately I'm a dessert person, so most of my apple recipes involve dessert.  I'm remedying that.

So far, since Friday, I've made:
2 quarts of apple sauce (recipe)
6 cups of apple butter (recipe)
1 apple pie (and one frozen apple pie filling) (recipe plus my
     favorite apple picture books)
1 batch of apple bundles (recipe)
Apple Chicken Curry (recipe)

Still to make:
Apple Dumplings (recipe)
Apple Bread/Muffins (recipe)  - yummy, but not as good as a remembered it
Apple and Onion Stuffin' with pork chops (recipe) - 
     yummy, although I like the stuffing recipe further down the list better.
Apple Pie Pastries (recipe)
Apple-Stuffed French Toast (recipe)
Mini Caramel Apples (recipe)
Apple Fritters (recipe)
My sister-in-law's Thanksgiving Stuffing (sort of, but not quite,
      like this recipe)  -yummy, even my husband, who HATES stuffing, liked it.
Apple Strudel Muffins (recipe) - can't find cinnamon chips anywhere!
Sour Cream Apple Bars (recipe)-  
     YUMMY!  I would use all the apples I have remaining (about a peck) to make these over and over again if it didn't mean getting extremely fat and not trying any other recipes.
Apple Fritters (recipe) - Yummy!

Apple recipes I love, but probably won't get around to this time:
Glazed Apple Pie Squares (recipe)
Carver Salad (recipe)
Taffy Apple Pizza (recipe)
Apple Dip (recipe)*
Candy Bar Apple Salad (recipe)

Apples recipes I plan to try, just maybe not this time:
Caramel Apple Crisp (recipe)
Apple Crisp (recipe)
Peabody's Apple Turnovers (recipe)
A list of Martha Stewart Apple recipes that caught my eye (here)
Upside Down Apple Tart (recipe)
Candied Apple Pie Cheesecake (recipe)
Apple Turnovers  (recipe)
Bavarian Apple Tort (a friend's recipe, but close to recipe
      minus the raspberry jam and switch out almonds for walnuts)
Caramel Apple Sticky Buns (recipe)
Apple Dumplings (recipe)
Apple Fritter (recipe)

*The recipe I use is my friend Kristi's, but it's very similar to the one I link to.  The main difference is it makes a smaller batch and uses white sugar in addition to brown.  I should also note, this freezes well.  I actually have a little tub in my freezer I should pull out to dip all our apples in.


wendys said...

I love dried apples! Do you have a dehydrator?

Cathy Shepherd said...

I love your blog. Thanks for all the recipes! Please look at my blog where I give weekly parenting and music tips

Nance said...

I don't have a dehydrator. Angela and I bought one together after hiking Mt. Timp and someone shared their dried fruit with us. We went right out, after recovering from hiking the mountain, and bought a dehydrator. I had it until about halfway through living in Kansas when I gave it away because I hadn't used it since college. I was wishing I had it with all these apples, that would have been yummy and the kids would have loved it.

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