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Monday, September 20, 2010

Halloween on the Brain

Yes, we're already thinking about Halloween costumes around here.  We started last November 1, it teetered off for a bit and started up full swing again around Princess Sparkley's birthday when the kids realized the next REAL holiday in the line up was Halloween.

I found this costume idea from AlphaMom after Halloween last year but fell
in love with it. I wish I could convince Princess Sparkley to be an owl this year.

And THIS... if I had $50 to spend and it wasn't already sold out, I would be begging PS to wear this for Halloween.  Or trying to squeeze myself into their largest size.

Not to mention all the other FABULOUS ones at Pottery Barn Kids.
Man, I wish I could sew well enough to make these at home for cheap.


wendys said...

My son wants to be Shredder from ninja turtles. I am NOT that creative... I have got to convince him to be something easier that I can make!!

EmmaJ said...

I like the first owl one better than the PB one. And that would be so easy to make- you could all be owls, not just P. Sparkley

Miss L said...

I agree that the first owl costume is way cuter (though I wouldn't be able to make it to save my life), but what amazes me is that so many of those $50+ costumes at PB are already sold out...and it's not even October yet.

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