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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Food Costumes

 From Pottery Barn Kids here.

Or, homemade here.

 I'm trying to convince Little Guy to be a cookie for Halloween because this looks simple enough to create.  Or, find it here at Etsy.
Or, a homemade chocolate chip version here.

 Pottery Barn's cupcake here, or the homemade cupcake here.

 Or, maybe Little Guy should be a donut since he's affectionately known as the donut thief in our family after he ate everyone's donuts one night while we were in the other room.  Pottery Barn has this Donut here, Etsy has this or you can create your own like this.

Don't forget to check out my simple homemade little boy Halloween costumes from past years here.  I'll try to put together a post with links to my past Halloween favorites, assuming my computer starts working properly instead of slower than a snail. 

1 comment:

EmmaJ said...

Some of the Potery Barn ones look easier to make than the homemade examples.... I think I may need to get crafty and do a couple of these.

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