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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I Vote for No End to the Summer...

...as long as I also get a say in the temperature and humidity.

Princess Sparkley is about to turn eight! And be baptized.
She asked the other day if I thought she'd be able to read The Secret Garden on her own, but I still can't convince her to read the original Nancy Drew books because they are TOO SCARY!

Buddy can swim!! Only a few feet now, but by the end of the summer (especially if it is never ending) will be our first swimmer!! And he asks almost daily if it's time to sign up for soccer yet.

Little Guy's new favorite phrases are:
"Lana got coned!" (from The Princess Diaries movie, PS taught him to say it.)
"Suusssann!" (from Monsters vs. Aliens, said in a creepy slow voice)
"I a doggy named Caterpillar." (When he's playing he's a doggy, he tells us this.)

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wendys said...

Summer is nice to have around. Your kids are growing up!

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