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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fairy Garden Party

This started out as a Fancy Tea Party. Then a Fairy Tea Party. Then the reality of trying to track down a fancy, inexpensive (or borrowed) tea set hit me and we decided on a Fairy Garden Party.

The Invitation:

After I took this picture, we hand wrote [Princess Sparkley] is 8! next to the fairy's wand, and I wrote Fairy Garden Party in fancy green cursive. Oh, and we glued on a purple rose above the white box.

The Set-up:

Idea from Family Fun here.
Canopy was PS's Christmas present from here for $16 or so.


Skirt directions here (Tulle and ribbon from Michaels)
Wings (from Dollar Tree)
The fairy on the wings was under a dollar from Michaels and I hot glued it on to block out a striped bug body on the wings.

The flower peaking out of the goody bags are clipped to headbands (headbands from Dollar Tree 5 for $1, flower from an end cap at Michaels, $1)

Wand idea from here (flower from Dollar Tree)

The food:

PS loves treats as much as me and wanted to have a tiny food party. Here's the food we settled on.

Oreo Balls girled up.

Swirly Pink Cookies from here

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups de aqui, as our friends to the south would say. [Phraseology courtesy of guest-blogger Jed. --Ed.]

Pretzel Wands

Toothpick Fruit Kabobs (idea from here)

Drink = June Bugs (found here)
Drink straw with Gummy Lifesaver decorations (idea from here)

Fairy Cakes (these weren't really any good. Make a yummy cupcake, cut it in half and add jam, frost with a powdered sugar/lemon glaze, add sprinkles)
Cake Plate - cheap version of this, only I wish I'd had more than one size plate.

The Birthday Girl:

Princess Sparkley turned 8 today!

The Guests:

I should have centered Princess Sparkley, she's on the left.

Buddy didn't get his own set of wings, this is towards the end of the party when PS had abandoned her wings.

Little Guy was also a guest. This is the only picture I seemed to get of him, moments before he ate all the candy corn off his sunflower cookie.

The activities:
I didn't really plan anything beyond eating, and opening presents. The party was an hour and a half. I let them get dressed up and play like they were fairies. After we opened presents, they played with the new presents some.

We did however make these Sunflower Cookies (idea from here) that I sent home with them in their goody bag.

And Princess Sparkley created a "Pin the Wand" on the fairy game.

The Goody Bag:

They of course got to keep their wings, wand and skirt. They also got a flowery pencil, a flower notebook (4 for $1 at Dollar Tree), a fairy beading necklace to make ($1 at Michaels), their sunflower cookie, an extra pretzel wand and I think that's it.

Overall, a success. Not counting food, I spent about $25 on the stuff to make the skirts, the wands, the wings and the stuff for the goody bags. The girls weren't so big on eating all the treats. I think Princess Sparkley was the only one that even tasted the fairy cake. But she requested it all, and I'm trying to be a good mom that doesn't plan every detail the way I want it. I suppose she is my daughter, and she's going to like treats more than the next person because of that.


EmmaJ said...

Cute, cute, cute! What a great mommy you are.

Andrea said...

The girls look so cute dressed up! Sounds like a successful party!!

Erin said...

That party looks amazing! You sure go all out, especially for an "off" year.

Alanna said...

Yeah, I made Craig come and look at all this. I think you should think about becoming one of those party planner people. You would be awesome at it. I'm so impressed!!!

Miss L said...

So. Fun. I would have loved to come to that party. Love all the ideas, too. :)

Lund said...

What a lucky girl Princess Sparkley is to have such a fun party and such a devoted Mommy!

Lund said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wendys said...

Holy cow I can't believe how much work you did!!!

hannah said...

How fun Nancy! You are so creative and I can't wait to try making some of those yummy treats! Sarah is having her 9th birthday in a few weeks so we will probably borrow some of yoru fabulous ideas!

Kristi said...

Bryn looked at all the pictures wishing she could have come. You really put a lot of work into it. It looks great!

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