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Friday, August 20, 2010


Conversation with Walmart Cashier
(who I should note, had a foreign accent and thus cookies are probably not part of his culture)

Cashier: What do you use this for? [holding up brown sugar] Making cookies?

Me: [nods] Yeah.

Cashier: What else do you put in to make cookies?

Me: Ummm. Flour, sugar, eggs, butter... vanilla and throw in some chocolate chips.

Cashier: And then put the cookies in the oven. What temperature do you think? 375?

Me: (internal monologue, "Crap! He wants an actual recipe. He's going to go home and throw a bunch of ingredients that I just listed off to him into a bowl and then bake them up and expect cookies." Outloud - ) It depends on the recipe. You can look online and do a Google search for chocolate chip cookie recipe and come up with a ton of good ones.

Cashier: I cook a lot, but not sweets. I've never baked a cake either. It looks simple, but I've never baked one.

Afterwards, I texted Jed to see if this was his favorite Walmart employee (we each have a favorite* - since you know, there are so many great ones to choose from), figuring if this was his favorite, maybe we could bring him a recipe for cookies sometime when Jed makes a late night run to Walmart for ginger ale and grenadine. But it wasn't. I also thought afterwards that I should just have told him to follow the recipe on the back of a bag of chocolate chips.

*Mine is an older man who greets at the door, but is a normal guy who seems like he retired from a business job and was bored so got a job at Walmart. Not a weirdo. Not super old. Just a nice grandpa-ey guy.


LisAway said...

This is so funny. Greg's sister asks for "recipes" the same way. She loved Texas sheet cake and asked what's in it. I thought it was weird but I told her the ingredients. The next time I saw her she said she tried to make the cake but it didn't turn out at all. Um, yeah. It wouldn't. :) That's how she always asks about what I make. She is that kind of cook, just throws things in and it tastes good but I explained to her that "I heard somewhere" that baking is chemistry so the proportions and measurements are important. :)

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

"Grandpa-ey guy"? David is probably only 12 years older than us. (The next decade will not be as kind to us as the last decade was.)

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