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Friday, August 13, 2010

Baby Girls

My BFF Angela just had her first baby, the adorable M&M,

{picture missing}

and Jed's little brother* just had his first baby, sweet little A.

Girl babies all around! Princess Sparkley could not be happier (unless of course, these baby girls were being born into her immediate family). You see, there is only one girl cousin in each family, on both sides. Among my nieces and nephews, the girls are currently outnumbered, 14 to 5 (with one more girl cousin on the way).

On my side of the family, I'm in charge of sewing blankets for new babies, etc. because no one else can sew. I decided to branch out and sew for some other special people as well.

For my new little niece.
(I LOVE this fabric. It would have been for Little Guy, had he been a girl. That's how long it's been in my sewing box waiting for a worthy recipient.)

For my BFF once removed, I suppose.**
(This fabric has also been in my sewing box*** for awhile, probably even longer. I think this would have been for Buddy or my sister's son that's the same age as Buddy, if they'd been girls.)

Here she is with her blanket:

*He's not even MY little brother, but he's seven years younger than Jed so when the call came that they had their baby, I was a bit thrown back. He seems too young to have a family! But, I think we started our family even younger!!! Man, am I getting old or what!?!

**I've been sewing tiny blankets (about 2x2 feet) that match the bigger blankets, since my kids all LOVED their blankeys, it was often more convenient for them to be loving a TINY blanket, rather than one that filled the entire diaper bag. So, if I have enough fabric, I'll sew a tiny one. I didn't have enough of the yellow polka dot fabric. :(

***And YEA! for shrinking my fabric box contents down! Plus one more I'm not revealing yet.


wendys said...

Congrats to your
BFF! and to your brother in law! Cute babies.

EmmaJ said...

Great job! They are really cute babies and blankets.

Angela said...

M&M LOVES her blanket!!!! It is the perfect size and snuggle consistency. The little one has received a lot of spit up so far, but will certainly get a lot of use in the future as a snuggle buddy:) Thanks Auntie Nancy!

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