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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Watch Me! Watch Me!

I hate when kids enter that "Watch me. Watch me!" phase of childhood. Luckily, my own kids have never been especially annoying about it. But for some reason, lately, I've become the lady that all toddler's around me make demands of to "watch me!"

1. Random two year old at Buddy's t-ball practices. Ignores her mom choosing rather to hang out with me, her hand on my thigh so I can't scoot away.* And then proceeds to jump off the bleachers. Each time demanding that I watch her. And she won't jump until I look at her, getting louder with her "watch me!" yelling until I actually look.

2. Random kid at our complex's toddler pool. While my own two year old is wandering around in the water enjoying himself, not demanding that I watch him, this two year old, whose own mother is just feet away, demands that I watch him. Over and over again.

3. New random toddler in the toddler pool. A new kid joins us in the pool and takes off with the demands that I watch him.

What's up with this? I don't want to be mean to a toddler, but seriously, this drives me nuts in kids. And kids that are strangers?!? I don't have to tolerate this, do I? Shouldn't their moms loudly declare to their toddlers their intentions to watch them and leave me in peace? It's only so cute for so long, and I can't stand parents that are so blinded by how "cute" their kid is that they don't realize how annoying their kid is being.

*I am not a touchy person. Strangers, even if they are toddlers, touching my thighs, do not make me happy.


Alanna said...

Ack! Me, too! At the library, at the pool, and at the playground-- random kids demand my attention while my own kids are happily playing on their own. I think the real problem is that these kids' own mothers are completely ignoring them, so they seek attention in other places. I KNOW that's what was happening at the library. It drives me nuts. I SO concur.

Angela said...

Just yell back, "I can't hear you!" over and over until they leave you alone. I had to laugh when I pictured you sidling away from the girl touching your thigh. I could totally imagine it-hilarious!

julie said...

You must have a kind face, one that inspires trust in these little toddlers. I never get these kinds of solicitations. Maybe I glower too much.

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