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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Green Door

We've had a reddish pink front door for the past five years in two different states. My mom thinks we've become red door people. Last week, we got a notice from our rent management company that they'd be coming through this week and painting everyone's doors. Today they painted our door... GREEN! We aren't green door people. It's a fresh start to reinvent ourselves.


Erik said...

This is funny that I read this today, because I was listening to a "This American Life" podcast on my drive from San Diego to Mojave, and the show's theme was "Fresh Start" so, yea, in memory of me and my Awesomeness, you should download it for free from the itunes store, and listen to it and think of your new future life, and how your green door is the defineing moment where you life is suddenly fresh and new.

M. Gray said...

Looks nice. We should have someone come paint OUR door. What do you make of pink door family?

wendys said...

I like the green!

LisAway said...

Going green, eh? :)

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