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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Not only do I feel like all I do is cook and feed people, but I also feel like I'm constantly planning out what to make and what to feed people. I'm always so happy when I've planned out a week's worth of meals. Then suddenly, the meal plan has run out! Where did last week go? Now I have to make a new plan. To bad I can't just rotate through the same seven or so meals.

Spaghetti (because our menu got all out of whack last week by eating leftovers one night)
(review: spaghetti is spaghetti... but I love the sauce from Aldi)

Buddy has a T-ball pizza party. I'm not sure if the whole family will go or just Buddy and a parent. If some of us stay home, I'll get California Pizza Kitchen frozen BBQ chicken pizzas for the rest of us. They are on sale at our grocery store this week, and it is our family's quick dinner of choice.

Potato-sausage foil packs.
(review: I mixed this up a bit this time and added squash and zucchini - which got over cooked- and I just seasoned it with olive oil, sea salt and pepper -we weren't big fans of the lemony marinade in the original recipe).

Chicken Tortellini Casserole
(review: I love this casserole. You really need 19 0z. of tortellini. This time I only had 14 oz. and there was too much sauce and not enough noodles.)

Grilled Tilapia with pineapple salsa
(review: Yummy. For fish. Little Guy refused to eat it and kept demanding fish - goldfish crackers are the only fish he's familiar with.)


Chicken Enchiladas (because I'm running out of crock pot recipes, and I've made this ahead of time before and stuck it in the fridge until time to bake)
(review: this is another go to recipe of mine. Top it with sour cream, salsa and guacamole... fabulous.)

Roxy's Fabulous Chicken (new in a group of recipes from church friends, I'll try it out and share the recipe if it's a keeper)
(review: we liked this. It's basically rice, baked with broccoli and chicken and a sort of cream cheese/Parmesan sauce. The sauce could be more flavorful... it was too much like plain cream cheese flavor, but still good. I'll have to add the recipe for you all to check out.)

lots of ice cream (definitely)
hopefully a new sugar cookie recipe for the challenge (not yet)


Alanna said...

I know the feeling. This week I decided to be lazy and am making things like spaghetti, and chicken nuggets with mac'n'cheese as a side. The good news is that even though I feel like a terrible mother for it, my kids are actually happier. They weren't a big fan of the Mongolian beef I made last week!

Roxy's Fabulous Chicken was a recipe I got from my Mia Maid adviser as a kid (her name is Roxanne Christensen, and I named it after her as a joke, but to my family it's been that ever since!) and it's one of our favorites. But I'm completely addicted to anything with copious amounts of cream cheese and garlic in it. I'll be curious to see what you think of it!

Jo said...

I'm just always impressed with the fact that you PLAN a weekly meal. You are my hero; if I could hire you to plan and cook meals for me, I would in a second (well I'd have to figure out the distance thing as well) :)

Angela said...

I always plan and then everything goes crazy. Without fail we end up eating out a couple nights and then I bought a bunch of food that just spoils. Its annoying.

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