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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Father's Day Cakes

My kids have been trying to commandeer my birthday this year as a Father's Day only event. This is what happens when every few years my birthday lands on Father's Day. I told them I refused to make: a pecan pie, or a some other "Jed's Favorite" treat that I don't enjoy. I'll make some sort of brownie involving peanut butter, and we'll both be happy. BUT, if it wasn't my birthday, AND if I had ANY sort of cake decorating abilities, I'd like to think I'd give one of these a try. They are fantastic!


LisAway said...

Those are pretty great. You'll have to tell us what you decide to make. I made Pioneer Woman's salted caramel brownies over the weekend. OH YUM. Just like a super decadent restaurant dessert. And speaking of brownies and peanut butter, I recommend these. But those are veeeeeery rich, too. And quite dark. I sub cocoa and oil for the unsweetened chocolate.

Kristi said...

Very cool!

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