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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Famous Mint Brownies

I may have found the mint brownie recipe I've been searching for forever. I'm going to have to give them a try this week and see if I'm right. Cross your fingers for me. Although it's been so many years now, I have no idea if I would even know if these were them or not. Here's the recipe.


LisAway said...

Ha! As soon as I saw this picture amongst all the other brownies and bars I thought I would have to look into it, too. Mmmmmm! However, I love mint brownies the way I make them enough that I don't think I'll try these. Two cups of butter is more than I think I'm willing to fill a 9x13 with. Although this week I am planning to make the Best Coffee Cake. Ever from PW, which has 1 1/2. That's not too much. P)

M. Gray said...

You're dangerous, lady. Let me know how they turn out.

Angela said...

I want to hear how these turn out, specifically if they are too minty. I find that mint flavored things usually are too strong for me...if in fact there is a good hint of mint, then I will definitely have to try them.

Erin said...

someone told me that they just put junior mints on the top of their brownies, which would definitely not be as good as this, but much easier! or maybe andes mints would be good. We just baked a ton of brownies for the YW bake sale and did big candy bars in between two mixes and it was easy and good.

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