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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Earring Allergy

The rule in my family growing up was that we girls couldn't get our ears pierced until we were thirteen. When my sister got her ears pierced, my mom got her ears pierced for the first time too. Today she got one of her ears re-pierced because the hole had closed up. That reminded me that I should suffer through sticking an earring in each ear today to make sure my own ear holes don't close up.

In the last year, I started being unable to wear earrings. I'm not a big jewelry person anyway, but I usually wore earrings to dress up a bit for church or a fancy occasion or sometimes just because. One Sunday, I didn't even make it the mile to church without having to take my earrings out because the lobes had swollen up, were red and horribly itchy. Since then, I've tried a few more times and it's been the same. I read about it online, and it seems I've developed a nickel allergy. The online forum I stumbled across was for people suffering from lupus who also have nickel allergies, so I'm trying not to let my hypochondria take over and convince me I have lupus. What I am going to do is avoid: white gold, sterling silver, stainless steel and tungsten. And I am going to track down some platinum or titanium earrings that don't cost a fortune.

Then I'm going to hope that I don't develop any other crazy allergies as I slowly (or way too quickly) grow old and that this allergy doesn't affect my entire body. One woman said she can't even wear pants that have a cheap button because she gets a rash on her stomach.

Has this happened to anyone else?


Angela said...

unfortunately I have had the same allergies since birth. I would take a nickel allergy over hayfever any day:(

wendys said...

I've never heard of it! Wow. What is your wedding ring made of?

Nance said...

Wendy- My wedding ring is Platinum (thank goodness).

Kristi said...

Not yet, but you never know with allergies. What a pain in the.... well, ear lobe, I guess.

n.a. said...

I have that same allergy also. It is such a bummer when you can't wear cheap jewelry!

LisAway said...

I don't, but according to my reader you wrote this post at almost the exact time the Evie was getting her ears pierced. Creepy! :) They use surgical steel posts for piercing.

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