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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekend To Do List Revised

T-ball game
National Train Day
Relief Society Board Meeting
Food for Relief Society Board Meeting
Research homeschool methods for homeschool blog*
Organize labels on this blog
Sew baby blankets for certain people I know having babies
Sew Buddy's blanket
Go through cooking magazines, put yummy recipes in my recipe book
Go through pile of stuff by computer (Jed has moved this to our bed)
Go through pile of stuff by bed
Write up book reviews and ratings for here
Read The Help
Put recipes on jumpdrive to share at upcoming Relief Society food activity
End of year assessment tests for Princess Sparkley and Buddy
Finish reading/editing friend's book manuscript

The to do items in bold, are ALWAYS on my to do list.

What DID I do this weekend? I read a lot of The Help but won't finish it until tonight.

Woke up way too early.
Dropped off food for Relief Society Board Meeting
Went to Buddy's T-ball game
Took Jed to shuttle
Fed everyone lunch
Drove to Metro
Rode Metro to Union Station
Wandered through four LONG trains
Rode crowded Metro home
Ate Mac n Cheese and frozen pizzas for dinner (got home late)
Put kids in bed
Watched new episodes of 30 Rock and Bones on Hulu with Jed when he got home
Went to bed way too late

And Sunday is Sunday... does anything ever get done on Sunday?
Slept in
Got some kids bathed and ready
Just got the other kids ready
Fed everyone breakfast
Kids made Mother's Day cards
Put roast in crockpot
Fed everyone lunch
Got showered and ready
Open Mother's Day Cards and presents
Called Grandmas
Family Night
Bed for kids
Read The Help
Went to bed too late

To add to to do list:
Job applications for Jed
Make Buddy a 6 year old well child check-up appointment
School for the kids today
Schedule picture appointment for Buddy's 6 year old picture
Buy more lemon yogurt to put off war between Buddy and PS

1 comment:

Erin said...

I love that reading is on your to do list. Usually that is my escape from my to do list. I did finish
The Help this weekend so at least I could cross that off, even if I didn't get to most my list!

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