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Friday, May 07, 2010

Random Assortment

  • I saw a pregnant woman lighting up a cigarette yesterday. I'm pretty sure they found out smoking was bad -for you, your baby, and anyone who breaths your secondhand smoke - before this pregnant girl was born. No offense if you smoke, but I think that young people (anyone who started smoking after it was discovered to be bad for you) is stupid. And to be pregnant and smoke... there's nothing to say that doesn't involve worse name calling than stupid, so I'll leave it at that.
  • Princess Sparkley is currently mad at me (which in and of itself isn't news worthy). She's mad at me today because I was buying the food for a church meeting tomorrow morning, and she wanted me to be buying it for us to eat.
  • Little Guy is obsessed with Rush Hour Jr. He doesn't play it correctly, but he spends at least an hour (or more) a day (for the past 5 days) dumping all the cars off, and then trying to get them all to fit (which involves a little strategy).
  • I'm wishing again that I'd minored in graphic design. I want to design a cool blog banner icon thingy for this blog involving a fish writing in a fishbowl. And I want to design our homeschool mascot for our homeschool blog I'm working on.
  • Yesterday the kids watched a movie titled "Caring for your Hamster" that they checked out from the library. Jed has told them that when we go to New Hampshire (which PS likes to say as New Hamster as a joke) he'll get them a hamster. Luckily, a trip to New Hampshire is not on any future plans. The kids are pretty sure I'm wrong.
  • We've run out of planned curriculum for our school year. Basically I'm just building up the strength I need to administer their CAT tests, which someone recommended as a good test to give them, and is the California Achievement Test I had to take every year in elementary school in California. I can't administer two different tests to two different kids with a two year old running around by myself. So we're waiting for Jed's semester to end so he'll be around one afternoon to help out.
  • My parents have bought their plane tickets to visit us this summer for PS's baptism because she's turning EIGHT!! Yikes. I'm thrilled (about my parents visiting, not so much about my little girl growing up).
  • We were going to move this summer. We were going to move three months after we moved to Virginia. Then we resigned another short term lease. And now it's about up. But we still aren't finding any place we want to move (and can afford) and Jed's applying for jobs and we don't know where that will take us (still in metro DC), so we don't know where to move. So we're still here... for the time being.
  • The weather is absolutely beautiful today.
  • I'm no longer allowed to buy candy (my rule). I haven't banned the eating of candy since there's still a pretty large stash hidden in my kitchen. But unlike Jed's sometimes views, I don't think we should eat all the candy we own at once to get rid of it. I'm savoring every last bit.
  • I'm trying to make my blog more reader/user friendly - fixing up the sidebar, etc.
  • I'm trying to be more blog land involved*. I just added about 20 homeschooling blogs to my Google Reader, which is already full of food blogs, craft blogs, mom blogs, friend blogs, etc. I tracked down my password for Mormon Mommy Blogs. I'm trying to comment more on other people's blogs, not just read them in Reader. And once I figure out whose blogs I want to "follow" from my Google Reader, I'll start "following" more blogs too.
  • I'm looking forward to summer and no school. Except when you homeschool, everything the kid forgot over the summer is stuff you have to reteach. So the summer will still involve a little math and a lot of reading, very nearly daily. Bleh.
  • There was a spider on my leg last night, on the couch, while Jed and I were reading scriptures together. I kicked my leg wildly and jumped off the couch, but the spider was never seen again. I'm hoping it slammed into something hard and is dead. But I'm probably wrong, and so now I'm scared to sit on the couch.
*By "blog land involved," I mean commenting on more blogs, following more blogs, joining more blogging groups, maybe separating out my recipes and book reviews onto their own blogs... or maybe not.


Angela said...

It is spider season at our house. Yesterday i found one in the washer and I yelled so loud. Whenever I yell or scream from legitimate fear I am struck by how fake it sounds. I think you are convincing me slowly to not homeschool-it sounds like so much work. I am way too lazy.

Kristi said...

No candy? You are a crazy, crazy girl. Scared to sit on the couch? Now that I understand.

Lisa Loo said...

I am pretty sure that somewhere, in some obscure manual, it says that if you are brave and relentless enough to home school you MUST have sugar present in the home at all times.

I will go google it.

Spiders generously allow US to live in THEIR home.

Lisa Loo said...

I meant that I hate spiders and they seem to be everywhere in my house at this time of year. Not that I am some insect rights activist who loves spiders. Just thought I should clarify.

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