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Friday, May 28, 2010

The Greatest Sugar Cookie: Cookie 1

I blogged here, about how I'm slowly going to bake my way through a bunch of sugar cookie recipes until I find the greatest one. This may take awhile since I don't also want to put on 50 pounds. But without further ado, here's the first review.

Cookie 1: Blonde Designs's Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies found here.

Erin recommended this recipe (not having made it herself yet, but enjoying recipes from this source). I made them dog bone shaped for Buddy's 6th birthday party.

Thoughts on these cookies:

You need a GIANT glass of milk with these cookies, it was like eating peanut butter.

I don't think the frosting turned out well at all. I actually doctored the remaining frosting after this picture to make it more to my taste.

This wasn't my favorite cookie. I liked that they were sort of similar to those brightly frosted sugar cookies you can buy in the bakery section of Target, but they stuck to the roof of my mouth too much to receive a high rating.

Jed enjoyed the dough but described the cookies as "tasteless mush that sucked the water out of his mouth while providing no taste." I should mention that Jed is not usually a picky eater.

Princess Sparkley, Buddy, and Little Guy all ate their cookies with no comment, good or bad. A few weeks later, PS informed me that she didn't actually like the doggy bone cookies.

I feel bad judging these cookies. They were okay... just not my dream sugar cookie. Will I ever find them?


Erin said...

I was really disappointed in those cookies too. I mean she works for Martha Stewart and bakes hundreds of them for parties on her blog. Maybe there is some secret she is not sharing with us because they did not turn out well for me. I still have the dough in my freezer and I wonder if I will every bother baking the rest. SO SORRY to recommend a not great recipe. But I did like the best one from yourhomebasedmom and it was way easier.

Angela said...

make mine, make mine!! Although now I am worried they will get only 1 star....

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