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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Card Games and Little Hands

We were playing Cars Uno the other night with the kids and I realized I had a problem. Not hands that were too little to hold cards, I'd already solved that:

Gamewright cardholder about $4 (online, or at Walmart, Target, etc.)*

But now I had an extra set of little hands, who, while not really "playing," thought he was.

As you can see, I solved it with a giant bag clip.

I've also seen them made out of old cds, old food
container lids, and I've heardof people making
them from concentrated orange juice can lids.

Little Guy just enjoyed being like one of the big kids.

Except when it was our turn to play a card and he didn't
want to part with Lightening McQueen or the Sheriff, or any of them.

*The card game picture is Wig Out. It's sort of a matching game. My kids think it is Hi-larious because of all the funny people.


Cristin said...

Genius idea! I had never seen the card holders before, I would get those for myself!

Lund said...

We were playing Tile Rummy the other night at RL's and were remembering when you were just a little older than your guy sitting up like one of the big kids playing with us.

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