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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Call for Potato Salad Recipes

I LOVE potato salad. But I've never been able to find a recipe I love for a classic potato salad, you know, the one you find at a summer potluck. If anyone out there in the great blogosphere has a potato salad recipe they love... please share it with me!! Thanks.


Tiffany Harkleroad said...

My mom's is pretty popular. The secret is that we blend mayonnaise, miracle whip, and marzetti's slaw dressing to form the dressing for the salad, then you use potatoes, hard boiled eggs, some celery, and a few sweet gherkins believe it or not. We never followed a real set recipe, just used our sense of taste.

Alanna said...

If you use Japanese mayonnaise (which you can find at Global Foods), it will taste good!

Erin said...

I had never been pleased with my potato salad until I used this everyday food recipe:


I think using yellow potatoes and steaming them works great so they will hold up. I use pickle juice instead of vinegar because I can't stand vinegar. It is a very basic recipe and you can add in whatever you like to it. I am curious about Japanese mayo--never tried that!

Andrea said...

Ask Lia for her recipe. It's my favorite!!

Malissa said...

One of my friends made a potato salad similar to this one: http://baconconcentrate.blogspot.com/2009/05/crab-boil-potato-salad-recipe-summer.html

I really liked it, although it was a bit spicy for my hubby's taste buds.

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