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Thursday, April 01, 2010


Sometimes I feel like life is a constant search.

The perfect black pants.
Running shoes narrow enough for my feet.
The desire to clean and organize.
A cute, casual skirt.
Enough sleep.
A blazer/jacket to wear with jeans.
Ballet flats.
Shoes with a heel.
A book that grabs my attention when nothing else will.
Jeans. Always a good pair of jeans.
Somewhere to go.
Something to do.
New frying pan.
A pillow for Jed so he'll stop trying to steal mine.
The ability to give up candy.

The list goes on and on and is ever changing.

P.S. Somehow I've become my own follower. I'm not sure how or how to change it.


Leslie said...

We are searching for a lot of the same things. I yearn for the moments to go out by myself to look for them! :) My new fav jeans are from the GAP (we have an outlet here in town). They are called the "boyfriend" jean. Flattering, baggy and comfy!!

Jill said...

Haha I'm my own follower too, and I have no idea how it happened

Jill said...

Although I must admit that I like my own blog

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