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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nicknames help me feel safe... plus they're fun

I like blogs that have little "get to know me by reading these blog posts" or "favorite posts" in the sidebar. So I'm adding one. Copy cat, I know. In doing this, I realized I never fully explained the nicknames of my kids, just very briefly here.

I think when I first started blogging, a lot of blogs I read used blog names for their husbands and children. I liked that. I can understand people who feel the need to have private blogs (even if it drives me crazy sometimes). A private blog wasn't for me, but I still wanted a level of privacy to make me feel safer. I try to avoid referring to our specific town, just a general idea of what state, or region we live in. And the family all have pseudonyms.

Here are their stories:

Princess Sparkley: Now seven and a half going on 14, was only three or four when I started blogging. At the time (and probably still) she desperately wanted a tea cup poodle and was going to name it Princess Sparkley. I liked this as a nickname for her because it summed up what she felt was the cutest, princessy, girly name her little kid mind could come up with. It reminds me of being a similar little girl who thought Crystal was the most beautiful name ever... so glittery and full of sparkles.

Buddy: Turning six next week, was always adamant that he only be called by his name. His nickname on my blog was originally "Boy" because we could either call him his name, or we could call him a boy. Nothing else was okay. He's since grown out of this and let's us call him stink pot or whatever, but Buddy is the nickname we call him most often at home.

Baby X: He's now two, and no longer a baby. I talk about his nickname a little bit here and it's one of his new year's resolutions this year to get a new nickname on my blog. But I just can't come up with one. Basically, he's Baby X because that's what we called him when I was pregnant and not only did we not know for a long time if he was a boy or a girl, but if he was a boy, we had no idea what we were going to name him. He's the only kid (so far) that we've gone to the hospital not totally convinced of what name to use for him.

UPDATE: Baby X is now "Little Guy."

And somehow, in all this nickname craziness, I'm still just Nance. And I haven't made it secret that Nance is short for Nancy. And in real life, I'm not Nance. But it's really hard to come up with a nickname for yourself.

So that's it... the story of our names. Or nicknames.


LisAway said...

Great stories. Buddy's reminds me of a girl I nannied for who was not yet two years old. Super cute and smart little girl and any time I told her she was cute or funny she said, "No, I'm a GIRL!"

Cristin said...

I can't believe you have a 7 and a half year old! I never realized that PS was that old. I like this post. It was good to read the background stories.

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