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Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Birthday is in June

... somebody please buy this for me.

image from here


The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

Corn on the cob is, like, ten for a dollar, so sure I'll buy you some. I won't, however, buy you a cheese slicer made for wusses who can't handle their corn. (As I write this, there is an angry minority teenaged girl shouting match happening outside our home. I think you can say of our marriage, nine years in now, that it's turned out to be just as glamorous as you would have predicted.)

Cristin said...

I kind of have to agree with your husband. Just eat the corn like a normal person. :)

Nance said...

But you guys don't understand. I love corn on the cob... but I hate the cob aspect of it. And while I can sort of tolerate the cob if I have to, I still have to cut all the corn off the cob for the kids. This tool is perfect for me. Jed... you complain almost louder than me about getting corn stuck in your teeth.

Shannon said...

I think it is a cool device. I had braces as an adult and could not eat corn on the cob. Now, I have an irrational fear that eating corn on the cob will make my teeth stick out and grow crooked.

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