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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Holding Out

I assume most people are like this, but then I think, "No, you're a little bit crazy, Nance" and decide maybe most people aren't like this. But here's what I do... when driving in a rain storm, I try to hold out as long as possible before putting my wipers on their highest power. This was only sometimes difficult while living in California, hasn't been a problem at all living in Virginia, and was nearly impossible in Kansas's crazy thunder storms.
I'm the same way about turning on the heat in the winter for that first time. I make the kids wear socks and sweatshirts inside. We bundle up under blankets for everything. I add an extra quilt to the bed. But finally, the heat has to come on.
I'm at that same point now with the summer and air conditioning. Especially since it's April 6, barely spring, but today and tomorrow's highs are 90 and 91. How much longer can we just open the windows and make it work. The kids keep demanding bigger fans and complain that they are too hot in just their underwear at bedtime. I'm trying to hold out, but we may not make it.


Kate said...

My dad has this rule (what we called the "cruel rule" growing up) where the a/c didn't come on until June 1 and heat didn't come on until Nov 1. The late spring/early summer was THE worst!!! :)

LisAway said...

You ARE crazy. But mostly the weather over there is crazy! 90 degrees? Sheesh!

Whitney said...

I can't even imagine that right now, its so cold in Oregon!

Kristi said...

Did you make it through Wednesday?

Nancy said...

We didn't make it. BUT... it was only on briefly for those two days and has been back off again.

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