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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Grandpa Elmo's World

Baby X calls Elmo, "Elmo's World." We've sort of jokingly started referring to my dad, with the unfortunate middle name of Elmo*, as Grandpa Elmo. This has resulted in Baby X referring to Grandpa as "Grandpa Elmo's World." Hilarious. I hope it sticks.

Maybe we'll get Grandpa this shirt for his birthday.

And because I know my dad would never wear this, I cropped it all together. See, doesn't it look nice.

*He didn't believe me when I told him over a decade ago that Sesame Street had introduced a new monster named Elmo.


LisAway said...

That is cute. Did your grandmother have a speech impediment, because when I was younger I would have pronounced "Elmer" "Elmo". :)

Erin said...

I definitely wouldn't call that an unfortunate middle name--that is an awesome middle name. You should totally get him a shirt like that.

Nance said...

"Unfortunate" because my dad doesn't like it. I think it's cool. I have a cousin with the middle name Elmo (it was my dad's dad's first name) and my cousin actually went by Elmo for awhile.

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