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Friday, April 23, 2010

Cup Sweat

My maternal grandma was the only grandparent I had from the time I was a little girl until she passed away when I was in college. By the time I was born, she's been single for nearly ten years and to us grandkids, she seemed young and hip... even though she must have been seventy by the time I remember her. She drove a big, bright blue car. She ate out at fast food restaurants every day (always Carl's Jr.). She was the person who came and stayed with us kids when my parents went somewhere.

Today when I was flipping through my junk mail I came across this:

This brought back so many memories of driving around in Grandma's big blue car, my skin sticking to the leather seats, with a plastic cup holder rolled up in each window. And she always had a crocheted cup sleeve (or more often, a napkin or paper towel wrapped around the cup) to catch the sweat dripping off her (more often than not) Carl's Jr. Pepsi.


1 comment:

Lisa Loo said...

I LOVE things like this that pop up and bring sooo many warm fuzzy memories! Thanx for sharing.

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